The Resilient Journey

Episode 64 - What’s Up with the Competency Framework? - Susie Ansary

November 21, 2022

Recently I posted a poll on LinkedIn asking people how much attention they pay to the BCI Competency Framework. Over half of those who responded said they either didn’t use it or didn’t know what it was.

Hello everyone, welcome to episode 64 - as the Resilience Think Tank presents the Resilient Journey podcast! Today I’m joined by a shining star in the continuity and resilience industry Susie Ansary

Susie and I talk about her fantastic session in London at BCI World and something that surprised her about resource usage during her workshop.

We talk about the importance of the BCI Competency Framework and the benefits of self-assessment. Susie talks about using the framework to build strengths that will make you more effective as a resilience professional and explains that the competency framework isn’t something you should think about only when you want to get to that next BCI membership level.


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