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Episode 60 - UK’s ”Monopoly” on Poor Communicators, Good Crisis Practices & More - Jim Preen

October 24, 2022

Up until now, the coolest thing that has ever happened on The Resilient Journey podcast is my smooth jazz opening. That’s about to change as I’m joined by one smooth cat. Jim Preen is my guest today.

Hello everyone, welcome to episode 60 - as the Resilience Think Tank presents the Resilient Journey podcast!

Today I’m joined by independent crisis communications consultant and former ABC news reporter Jim Preen.

Listen as Jim and I talk about the current state of affairs in the UK (is the world really laughing at London?), poor communications from leaders, how to be effective when running crisis management exercises, the value of playbooks vs. plans and best practices when hosting a webinar or large online meeting.

Jim shares some details of his battle with prostate cancer and whatever you do, stick around to the end for a special treat.

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Special thanks to Bensound for the music.

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