The Resilient Journey

Episode 21 - Inside the Mind of a Consultant with Mark Hoffman

January 17, 2022

In last week’s episode, we took you inside the mind of a C Suite executive. This week, we’re going into a much scarier place – the mind of a consultant. And it’s not just any consultant – it’s ME!

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 21 of the Resilient Journey podcast sponsored by ClearRisk.  This week I’m your guest and I’m joined by Resilience Think Tank co-founder Ashley Goosman who is stepping in as guest host.

In this episode, Ashley asks me about resilience, we talk about the podcast – and a little later in the episode I give some advice to anyone who wants to be a consultant. We also talk about an old-time radio show’s influence on the Resilient Journey.

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Special thanks to Bensound for the music.

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