The Resilient Journey

Episode 61 - Adapt and Overcome - Nicole Scott

October 30, 2022

A lot of my guests have one particular thing in common. They didn’t seek out our profession. Today’s guest can thank a persistent recruiter and a hiring manager who was something in her that she didn’t see in herself.

Hello everyone, welcome to episode 61 - as the Resilience Think Tank presents the Resilient Journey podcast!  Today I’m joined by someone who relies heavily on networking to build a village of people to support those around her.

Nicole Scott is my guest.

Listen as Nicole and I talk about how her background as a military spouse prepared her for being a successful business continuity and resilience professional. We’ll talk about her career coaching, networking and a project that is near and dear to her heart.

Nicole lives by the motto “Adapt and Overcome” and we’ll explore what that means.

You could even say this episode is “Devine” – and you’ll find out why after this from Lisa.

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